How to Add SEO Meta to Post Categories

You have Yoast SEO installed on your WordPress, and you are adding in SEO Titles and SEO Descriptions for all your Posts and Pages and getting that Green light with your Yoast SEO Check: LoDo_Web_SEO Check Good


This is good news! But, did you know there is an SEO option for your post categories as well? You should be adding SEO Meta to Post Categories to help increase your rank even further.

If your post categories are included in your SiteMap, which by default they are, then your categories are also being indexed by the major search engines, this includes Google. So when Google crawls your site and sees your categories’ empty meta information, it simply doesn’t help your rank. You can chose how you want your post categories to appear, but this gives you yet another opportunity to rank with your SEO settings.

You go about this the same way you would with your Post/Page SEO content, you just have to actually do it! Don’t forget getting your Post Categories all SEO’d up as it gives you another opportunity for Google to index more of your pages.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Click on Posts–>Categories: LoDo_Web_SEO Meta to post categories Categories

2. Click on Edit for the post category you want to edit:LoDo_Web_SEO Meta to post categories Edit
3. You’ll see this next screen: LoDo_Web_Edit_Category_WordPress
Much like editing your post content, your post categories can be pulled in Google Search Results so it is important to index them appropriately with the correct SEO Title, SEO Description, Canonical URL(if applicable) and additional specs. You can also leave this out of your sitemap entirely.
If you don’t plan on doing this, simply remove the post categories from being indexed, and/or remove it from the sitemap.xml file.
What is your experience with doing this?