The Lodo Web Story

About Us

LoDo Web is based in the beautiful state of Colorado and stands for “Lower Downtown” Denver. It is the oldest and original settlement in Denver. Our vision is merging old traditions with new concepts. Just how LoDo was reinvented. Our mission is to change the way websites function. We want you to be successful with our lead generation techniques.

Our main focus is to generate more revenue for your business by driving traffic to the sites we create. That’s what a full scale agency does: handles your online presence so you don’t have to. Or goal is 100% complete satisfaction and we pride ourselves with the clients we serve.

We’re not just another developing agency, we create psychic-magic on the web. You won’t be disappointed.

About the Owner

“I started off in the online marketing space in 2006 and have been polishing my skill set since. About 4 years ago, I started working with WordPress and quickly became an expert in all aspects of its functionality. From development to launch, and every space in between. Because I have an extensive marketing background, I take a very unique approach to learning how the web operates. I want to ensure that you are happy with your result.

When I’m not building sites, I love to go hiking. You’ll see pictures of my hikes all over the site.”

-Yury Vilk, Owner

View from Chautauqua Park – Royal Arch Peak in Boulder, Colorado 2015

lodo web view from royal arch in boulder