Get your 1st Qualified Solar Appointments in 7 days guaranteed

Ditch canvassing, SEO, websites, agencies, lead buys, or silly schemes forever...

Generate qualified solar appointments without canvassing, pesky agencies, gimmicks or break-even months again. 

To maximize your results, we only work with 1 qualified solar company per 50 mile radius...

Imagine hiring a rockstar canvasser who...

...knocks DOOR TO DOOR for 18 hours a day. This canvaser can knock 200 homes, have 7 qualified discussions, and schedule 2 free appointments per day. Your sales team is so busy, they can't handle the workload. All they do is drive to the qualified solar appointments and pitch prospects ALL DAY LONG.

He sets the appointment so well that your sales team never has to followup with the customer and the customer is always eager to get solar installed. 

He makes sure that the customer provides the up-to-date phone number, has the right home type, roof type, power company, acquires the average energy bill, determines HOA status, identifies credit score and income range, and speaks to the decision maker EVERY TIME. 

This person is so good that every appointment you sit with CLOSES

Now imagine having dozens of these canvassers operating 24/7 and NEVER SLEEPING.

Oh and the best part, you ONLY pay them when they  close a deal. You never pay them by the hour, by the project or by anything. They MUST CLOSE DEALS. 

You need a 24/7 fine-tuned, well oiled, solar appointment setting conversion machine.

Machines don't sleep. They operate 24/7 and are able to reach hundreds of thousands of people per month. They never take breaks. They never need help. They never complain and always show up to work.

They don't care where the person lives, how to contact them. They are fearless and completely results-driven. 

Nowadays, machines can operate intelligently and generate MASSIVE leverage in a business, without the fuss of hiring ANYBODY.

They will work for you day and night and reach 100000x more people in a single day than a canvasser can do in an entire month. 

And, with a well oiled system, you know exactly what you're getting every time. You'll know that you're speaking with the decision maker and they have the a qualified solar home ready to get installed.

Oh, and they are begging you to come see them, not the other way around. These customers are pre-qualified and are completely interested in saving hundreds of dollars on their electricity bill every month. 

You've been burned with fake qualified solar appointments too many times... 

So many people overpromise and underdeliver. Whether you're canvassing, buying solar leads or buying solar appointments, you never can get the close rate you need to sustain your business long-term. 

But why? 

  • Agency ModelsOne word: Expensive! Agencies charge and arm and usually a leg to work with. They usually have an in house creative team, media buying team, leadership team that all have high salaries that YOU WILL BE PAYING! 
  • Cost Per Lead modelsYea, go ahead and purchase some random unqualified "fresh" leads from a list or source you think you can trust. You and every other solar provider is going to contact that lead. Not only does this irritate the customer, you likely can't compete at the speed you need to compete at to convert this into a solar appointment. 
  • Web Development/SEO. Good luck competing amongst the sea of other content providers out there. You simply can't win against these massive content farms out there. They do this full time. Even if you hire the best agency known to man, you will likely never succeed to compete in the content game. 
  • Canvassing/Door to Door Knocking. You might as well throw your marketing strategy out the window here. This is the equivalent to cold calling. Knocking or door to door sales is untargeted, wasteful and flat-out dangerous for your knockers! Homeowners are already on edge, let's not pester them further. 
  • Fake Qualified Solar Appointments. So there are tons of companies that you can find that claim to do what we do. But, how do they deliver? Do they stack up? Our system is second to none and guarantees you the best solar leads on the planet. And we guarantee it. 

There is an easier way to get qualified solar appointments!

Let's face it. It's the modern era. We can leverage high-converting funnels, machine learning to EXPLODE your growth literally overnight. All it takes is a proven system.


Generating the solar lead is the easy part. So easy that a trained monkey can do it...

qualified solar appointments so easy, a monkey can do it

It's what you do with the lead afterwards is where the "secret sauce" really comes in.  Converting the lead into a qualified solar appointment for your solar business is where the magic happens. 

To generate a preset solar appointment leads, it has to start with FRESH LEADS. That means users who are just seeing your message now and are just starting to wake up to the fact that they can save money on their energy bills. 

We start with the best ads in the industry. No seriously, our team has worked with the top spenders on Facebook to develop a high-converting, irresistible mouth watering Facebook ad. 

Ok, I'm sure you've heard that one before.

No seriously, our team has worked with the top names in the game. We know how to get you solar leads. 

What makes our guaranteed solar appointments so special? 

attract qualified solar appointments

Eye-Popping Solar Customer Attraction 

"Homeowners are attracted to this like flies to a light!"  

  • New, unique, fresh customers daily. Fresh. Glorious. Unique leads (not appointments, yet) delivered to your inbox daily.
  • ProvenAfter spending MILLIONS of dollars on advertising, we know how to attract the right users.

Custom 10+point qualified solar lead filter 

"Every solar lead I get is a qualified home owner!"  

  • Multi-qualification checklist Each lead goes through a rigorous qualification process to ensure that they are the right fit to your business. This is customized to fit your business. 
  • Unqualified Solar Leads. Even if a solar lead doesn't qualify or meet your business's criteria, you still get access to that customer data. With the customer's permission, you can use this to sell partner offers. 
  • Unique to you.Because we know how important it is to have quality qualified solar leads, each lead is sent to you once it's generated. We never resell or double sell your leads. 
10point qualified solar appointments filter
Smart multi-touch solar appointments followup process

Smart multi-touch solar appointment followup process

"Game-changing solution to tire kickers" 

  • Virtually removes tire kickers and no shows Followup with your solar leads and convert them into solar appointments with our multi-touch customized AI-Driven lead followup system. 
  • Increase your solar lead to appointment ratio.Some leads stop at the qualification process never to be seen or spoken to again. Our unique multi-touch system encourages the solar lead to take the next step and schedule a Preset Solar Appointment. 

Customer Address & Phone Number validation

"I never get a dead phone number or bad address again!"  

  • Eliminate bad Phone Numbers Every phone number that the customer provides is validated against billions of records to ensure that the number they provide is a live, working phone number. 
  • Validate Addresses like a boss. Every customer address is screened to make sure that it's not a vacant home, empty lot or nonsense location. Every location is verified and validated before you even see it. 
guaranteed solar appointment customer address validation process
The Best Qualified Solar Appointments Team in the Industry

The Best Solar Appointments Team in the Industry

"These peeps work tirelessly for me day and night!" 

  • The Best Team. Tirelessly working for you day and night to perfect every element of your custom system so you can stay on top of your game: closing solar deals.
  • Constant Communication. Stay up to date with the progress of your new solar appointments with open, transparent communication in our chat rooms.  


The Result

Game Changing Unique Preset Solar Appointment Leads

If you qualify...let's Summarize what you get with our preset solar appointment lead system...

  • Eye Popping Solar Customer Attraction
  • Custom 10+ point qualified solar lead filter  
  • Customer Address & Phone Number validation
  • The Best Solar Leads Team in the Industry 

To maximize your results, we only work with 1 qualified solar company per 50 mile radius. Take our free assessment to get pricing.

We even took it a step further...

To make sure we're the best solar appointment setting company out there, we decided to make our system smarter,  better and more cutting-edge than what anybody's ever offered! 

BONUS 1: Get Your Phone Ringing Automatically with Instant Call Connect!  

  • Connect to customers INSTANTLY. As soon as a qualified appointment is generated, our system connects you and the customer via a phone call. Just answer and your chatting with your customer! 
  • Never miss a beat. Build more trust, confirm customer details and ensure your customers know that they are YOUR top priority. 

BONUS 2: Stay Organized with our Solar Client Management System  

  • Know what stage your leads are in. Stay organized and know exactly where your leads and appointments are in the pipeline. Know if they are qualified or not qualified. 
  • Instantly discover customer details. All the customer data is stored in our easy to navigate, custom built management tool so you know every possible detail about the customer. Know exactly who you're speaking with every time. No shuffling through countless papers or paperwork! 
  • Know the last touch point. Easily know when the lead was last contacted and last worked. This way you're confident that you don't duplicate your efforts! 

BONUS 3: Keep your team organized with our Sales Rep Calendar Sync

  • Never send reminder emails. Our system automatically syncs to your sales rep's calendar so you don't have to. Your sales rep have no problem keeping track of all the appointments you're getting. 
  • Visualize your appointments. See how jam packed your calendar is with our syncing tool. Your calendar never looked so good!

BONUS 4: Automatic Solar Lead Deduplication System 

  • Get only unique leads. Our system automatically removes duplicates so you never get the same customer twice! 
  • Keep all records. Know exactly how many customers you have at what stage in your system.

BONUS 5: Remind Customers with custom Customer Solar Appointment Reminders

  • Prevent No-Shows.Our system will send out emails and SMS reminders automatically, so you don't have to.
  • Confirm Appointments. Customers know when you're coming so that they are present when your sales agent comes to the appointment. 

Here's a summary of all your bonuses!

  • Instant Call Connect 
  • Solar Client Management System
  • Sales Rep Calendar Syncs
  • Lead Deduplication
  • Customer Appointment Reminders 

To maximize your results, we only work with 1 qualified solar company per 50 mile radius. Take our free assessment to get pricing. 

But...there's a catch...

To minimize overlap and maximize your results, 

We can only take on 1 new solar company today per 50 mile operating area.  


We can only work with QUALIFIED solar companies. 

To qualify, click the link below and see if your company qualifies for our preset solar appointment system. much do I have to invest?

Remember how we have that rockstar knocker above who is the most relentless door to door knocker you've ever met? 

Remember how we mentioned he would only get paid on performance?

Well, that's how we work too. You only pay on performance. 

How much? Well, let's first see if you're qualified.

To get pricing, take our free assessment and determine if your company is the right fit today! 

What if my solar company doesn't qualify? 

We are only working with qualified solar installers at the moment. If your company doesn't qualify, we will notify you if and when it does. Because we only want to produce the highest quality results for our customers, we can only work with qualified solar installers. 

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